Springer Spaniel

Physical Appearance

There are two types of Springer Spaniels, bench type and the field variety. The bench type are the spaniels that appear in shows. They have a longer, darker coat and they weigh more. The field variety has boundless energy and a shorter, lighter coat color. It has a weatherproof, waterproof double coat. It has feathering, which is longer fur on its ears, chest, legs and belly. The Springer Spaniel comes in black and white, liver and white, blue roan, liver roan or tricolor. They weigh between 45 and 55 pounds and stand 18 to 22 inches tall.


The Springer Spaniel will smother you with kisses. A great family dog, it is an affectionate, excitable breed. Friendly, playful and obedient at home, they are hardworking in the field. For the Springer Spaniel, training is a pleasure. It is happiest when it is performing complex tasks and games. It has a very high work drive. The Springer Spaniel needs plenty of room to run and exercise. If there is water nearby, don’t be surprised if you find them jumping enthusiastically in it. They are good with children, as long as there is early socialization. They may become nuisance barkers if they feel bored or they get lonely.

Fun Facts

  • The fastest of all the spaniels, the Springer Spaniel’s body curves like a bow when he runs.
  • They are excellent hunting dogs, who are experts at flushing, pointing and retrieving game.
  • Be sure to always keep him on a leash, so that you can pull him back if he sees a bird he wants.
  • Don’t expect the Springer Spaniel to be a good guard dog. They will bark at strangers, but then they want to be petted by them.