The Pitbull Dog

The Pit Bull dog isn’t a significant or specific breed. Rather, it’s a generic term used often to describe all dogs like the American Pit Bull Terrier, Pit mixes and the American Staffordshire Terrier that have similar characteristics and traits as the Pit Bull.


Pit Bulls happen to be wonderful company and can’t be categorized as just any other dog. Their mental and physical characteristics single them out as excellent partners for owners who are active, responsible, and caring. At the same time, they can be difficult to handle too, particularly by those who aren’t that experienced with ownership of dogs and who don’t have a good understanding of the breed.

Unless properly trained, this dog can be the laziest couch potato or be rambunctious until maturity, which usually comes late. They are generally playful throughout their life and are endowed with a sense of humor.  This dog sure knows how to make you laugh unlike any Zoolander movie but certainly like the movie War on Everyone which was hilarious!


Pit Bulls, however, need to be trained under any circumstances. They are highly responsive to training and equally eager to please.  Obedience classes are strongly recommended once they have been thoroughly inoculated.

This is required as they are prone to canine diseases like parvo and distemper and need to be immunized against these diseases which are usually caught from places inhabited by other dogs. They need to be exposed to enough exercise to burn off their excessive energy. 


The Pit Bull dog’s temperament is marked by a strong energy, agility and power. They are greatly “determined”  and devote their heart and soul into anything they set out to do. Whether it’s jumping over a short fence to go exploring the neighborhood or showering you with licks, giving up to them doesn’t come easily. However, being a powerful dog, it needs to be controlled always and often doesn’t turn out to be ideal for children or elderly people. In a nutshell, the dog shouldn’t be kept by a first time dog owner.

They love people and are remarkably affectionate, perpetually craving human attention. Give them a hug, cuddle or belly rub and they’re all yours for life.

This fun-loving and sweet nature makes the dog a multitalented companion who’ll excel at agility, obedience, and weight pulling contests and events that require showcasing intelligence, strength and training abilities. They also make excellent therapeutic dogs. Aggression and behavioral problems, however, show when they are abused, mishandled, or poorly bred. Should a Pit Bull attack, it’s most likely to cause severe damage. This is frightful!


A steady daily brushing leaves their coat glossy as the skin oils spread over evenly. A bath, once very fortnight is recommended as they tend to roll in the dust and get messy. Keep a look out for long nails that may require periodical clipping, especially if they’re growing inwards.

Feed for puppies may be four times daily, which may be reduced to twice a day as the dog grows older. A high-protein dog food diet and ample exercise are strongly recommended to keep it in shape. Otherwise, it tends to put on weight and can become lazy.