Dog Fence Expert Mike

[people name=”Mike Fence” photo=”” title=”Dog Fence Expert” role=”Expert Blogger” url=”” affiliation=”Flex Petz”] My name is Johnny and I am a senior tech for I have been an electric dog fence owner for the last eight years. Since my first installation of the E-fence I was so impressed how effective and inexpensive they are. Before installing my first system I had just moved into a gated community and needed containment for my Labrador retriever “Destin” and my bouncing baby Springer Spaniel “Riley”.  At the time the electric dog fence was not on my radar so I was pricing a physical fence. The HOA for my neighborhood required a specific fence and the estimate was $7000 just for the materials. I am the DIY guy. I can build, install or fix/repair anything; or I will at least try. As I searched for a reasonable solution to my containment needs I learned of the electric dog fence. This mysteriously crazy idea to keep my pets in the yard had me more than a little skeptical. After shopping the market for the right manufacturer and system the Pet Safe Stubborn dog system showed up at my door.

The written instructions were in the box and I called Pet Safe’s customer service for some additional details. Most of the questions I had were in the written instructions and the installation went well. I had the system installed and started training the next day.

My Lab was extremely responsive to low level correction. From the first correction at level 2 on the Stubborn dog collar he established a respect for the boundary. The training flags served as a great tool to teach the boundary. Riley needed a level 3 correction so the collars were customizable to each dog’s temperament.

After telling all my friends and family about the effectiveness of my system I started installing for them as well. Before long I was getting referrals to install electric dog fences every weekend and later it became a full time job. I have done installations for every situation from 1/8 and acre to 50 acres and contained 5 pound toy breeds, cats and 200 pound St Bernard’s.

I am here to pass this experience to the DIY customer. At FLEXPETZ we make buying an electric dog fence easy to understand and easy to install by showing you all the ways I have learned over the years of on the job training.

We will find the right system for your breed and property type.

I look forward to passing my years of knowledge on to anyone who would be wanting to do this for yourself. Please feel free to contact the staff at FLEXPETZ to help you with all of your questions regarding an electric dog fence!