My Four-Legged Friends blog is about life with a dog. As pet lovers we know that life with a dog can be as trying as it is amazing. Each of us has a different relationship with our four-legged friends. Partner in crime, trusty companion, work colleague, no matter what role our dogs play in our lives there’s no doubt they are a special part. Life with a dog comes with its own set of joys and challenges and our blog tackles all of them. Four-Legged Friends focuses on the all-important triad of Health & Wellness, Training & Behavior, and Fun & Play.

In our Health & Wellness posts Dr. Clair provides valuable and professional insight into the well being of our dogs. We explore all sorts of health-related topics like diet, exercise, and illness.

On our blog you’ll find help and expert advice on all manner of behavior and training issues. We’ll help you gain insight into your pup’s behavior and share tips, tactics, and experiences to help you tackle the issues you’re dealing with. From common puppy problems to advanced training topics, we’re here to offer advice and help you problem solve.

Our community of experienced dog owners will share information and reviews on the hot new dog gear, gadgets, and toys that can make playtime with your pup even more fun.

Our blog is community and experience driven so we always welcome your comments, feedback, and opinions. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered don’t hesitate to let us know! Don’t forget to signup to follow our blog to stay up to date on the most recent posts!