Physical Appearance

A cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy Poodle, the Yorkipoo has retained the small size of a toy breed. He ranges from 7 to 15 inches in height and 3 to 14 pounds in weight. He has a low–dander, low-shedding coat that is very soft to the touch. Its hair can be either straight or curly. You can find the Yorkipoo in a wide variety of colors that include cream, black, white, red, sable, apricot, tan, chocolate, gray and silver. His appearance can vary greatly according to the individual traits he inherited from both of his parents.


The Yorkipoo is an active, energetic, intelligent dog that enjoys agility and obedience competition. They are more independent that the poodle. He can be happy in many different types of homes and he can make a great companion for elderly people. The Yorkipoo can be a successful therapy dog. Yorkipoos love to be a delight to their families by performing tricks or showing of for company. He does well with training and is usually a quick learner. They need consistent, positive reinforcement as negative reinforcement just won’t work with him. He has a zest for life and will attach to his family very quickly. This affectionate breed loves to be with people. They do not require an excessive amount of exercise.

Fun Facts

  • A Yorkipoo’s favorite pastime is barking.
  • Yorkipoos don’t realize how small they are. Use caution when bringing them around larger dogs as they will foolishly act aggressive toward larger dogs.
  • A good mix has the intelligence and spirit of the Poodle with the bold terrier aspects of the Yorkie.
  • Yorkiepoos can be finicky eaters. Without dry food, he can develop gum disease, bad breath and tooth loss.