Protect Your Dog From Kitchen Accidents with a Wireless Dog Fence

Let’s face it, dogs are curious, hungry and playful creatures. This means that they can easily get in trouble in kitchen areas. Each year, veterinarians report a high number of accidents, related to dogs getting scalded and burned. This generally happens when a dog pulls a pan off the stove or counter, or when an owner accidentally trips on the dog while they are carrying hot food. Whether you live in the city or the country, the situation is the same. The question is, what is the best way to keep your dog out of the kitchen?

Regardless of the situation, the answer to this is always training. Even if pet gates are used, we are only human and may forget to set them up. Or we may forget to close a door leading to a kitchen. A helpful alternative is to set up a wireless dog fence. This is an ideal way to establish areas where your dog can and cannot go. By using a wireless dog fence/pet barrier, your dog learns to respect the boundaries you have set for him. Before we discuss these devices further, here is a quick guide that you can use if your dog ever gets burned.

Burn Guide for Dogs

  1. Begin by assessing how serious the situation is. If needed, get in the car right away and take your dog to their veterinarian.
  2. To see the burn more closely, trim the hair over the affected area so you can see how badly the tissue is damaged. The burn could be bigger than you expected, so trimming the fur may be the only way to really see how serious it is.
  3. To help your dog manage the pain, apply ice cubes or running cold water.
  4. Take caution when touching the wound as your dog’s natural reaction may be to bite you.
  5. Take into consideration the hot liquid that was spilled on the dog. If it was an oil burn, quickly use a mild soap to stop it from congealing on the coat, which seals in the heat. Rinse out the soap with cool water.
  6. If your dog’s burn is over 2 inches in size or is above a second degree, veterinary care is essential.

Now that we have talked about what to do if an accident happens, let’s go back to a way to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Also known as a wireless pet barrier, here is how a wireless dog fence can be used in the kitchen or other areas.  A wireless transmitter sits within the area you wish to protect. It emits radio waves, in a circular form. Your dog wears a special collar, which picks up on these waves. Should your dog try to enter the area where the transmitter has established the circular boundary, he or she will receive a static correction through the collar. This is how they learn where they cannot go. A wireless dog fence/pet barrier can be used in any area where you want to keep your dogs away from. For some, it is the kitchen trash cans and the stove. For others it is the bathrooms or bedrooms. You simply place the circular disk wherever you need to, and put the collar on your dog. A wireless dog fence is an easy and effective way to keep your dog safe!