Guest Post: The Top 3 Myths about Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls have a negative reputation in the media and most people still believe these three myths about Pit Bulls that are completely false. I’m here to debunk these myths for you with the facts to show you that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

Myth #1: Pit Bulls have locking Jaws

The reality is that NO dog has a locking jaw. Pit bulls do have stronger jaws than some other breeds however the strongest jaw goes to none other than the Rottweiler, which has a recorded bite pressure of 328 lbs.

In second is the German Shepherd with a 238 lb and finally in third comes the Pit Bull with a 235 lb bite pressure which is 93 lb difference than that of the Rottweiler. That’s quite a big difference considering that the average human adult has a bite pressure of 150 lbs.

A Hyena can actually bite down with over 1000 lbs of pressure to put in a little perspective. So in fact the Pit Bulls jaw does not lock and it doesn’t even reach double the force pressure of our own jaws.

Myth #2: All Pit Bulls Turn On Their Owners

No specific breed of dog is more likely to turn on their owner than any another. All dogs have teeth and therefore are capable of biting but that doesn’t mean that they will. Saying that only Pit Bulls will turn on their owner is completely false, in fact the dogs that bite humans more than any others are Labradors.

In a study conducted by The Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs and the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association they found that:

Chihuahuas are most likely to bite veterinarians, Lhaso Apsos deliver one of the most severe bites, and about 40 percent of all dog bites are delivered by mixed breeds”.

Pit Bulls are actually some of the most loyal dogs around. Their sheer purpose in life seems to be to make their humans happy. The sad reality is that many people will get a Pit Bull to appear tough or to use as a fighting dog and these dogs are not trained to act as normal family dogs, they are trained to be aggressive and kill other dogs. You can train any dog to act in a certain way and when you take this in to accountability you can see that it is not the dog’s fault, he was just following his owner’s orders.

Pit Bulls are really just big lap dogs that want to cuddle with you and give you kisses.

Myth #3: Pit Bulls Are Not Good With Children

Dogs in general are great with kids, supervised always, of course, and Pit Bulls are no different. In fact many families have Pit Bulls and children in their homes. What it all comes down to is the individual dog and the individual situation. Every dog is different and as an owner it is your duty to train your dog and know their personality. By doing this you can avoid any bad situations that may arise.

Having a well behaved dog play with your children is a rewarding outcome that is great for the child and the dog but remember to always supervise. Reports of dogs biting children show that usually the adult left the child and dog alone for an amount of time so please NEVER leave your child unsupervised no matter how much you trust the dog in question. Any dog, even a small Chihuahua, is capable of attack a child if provoked and may leave serious injuries and even cause death to infants. Teach your child to respect dogs and to always ask before going up to a strange dog to avoid any mishaps.

The key to a good dog is not about the breed or the size, it is all in the training and socialization process. Neutering and spaying has also shown a decrease in aggressive behaviors in dogs. Do your research before introducing any dog to your children but don’t think that you cannot have a Pit Bull because you very well can.

Check out these happy Pit Bulls with their human sibling:

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Laura Ducourant is a Pit Bull owner and mother of a 15 month old baby girl. She lives in Los Angeles where she blogs about dog related topics. You can read more at My Pit Bull Friend.