Top 4 Gourmet Dog Bakeries

For some dog owners, gone are the days of a simple milk bone treat to make their dog happy. For special doggie occasions and sometimes for every day, treats from gourmet dog bakeries have become a hot commodity. It seems that more people are becoming aware of what goes into their dog’s food and are looking for healthier, more organic choices. These bakeries don’t only offer great ingredients, they create doggie treats that look remarkably like baked goods that humans eat. If you are ready to spoil your pooch, here are some doggie bakeries that are creating unique and tasty works of art that you can order, right in the comfort of your own home.

Woofables Gourmet Dog Bakery (Facebook)

Founded in 2004 in Coralville, Iowa, Woofables Gourmet Dog Bakery has a unique collection of dog treats that you and yours are sure to love. The decorating that goes into their treats is impressive. Their creative treats are so cute that they look just like decorated sugar cookies in various shapes. They sell “pup tarts” that look just like the real thing and pizza biscuits that look like slices of pizza made with Play-doh. They offer treats for the holidays such as USA stars for the Fourth of July and holiday dog bones decorated with Christmas colors and messages. They also have an extensive selection of bulk dog biscuits for you to choose from in yummy sounding flavors and fun shapes. Your dog can enjoy biscuits that taste like bacon & eggs, chicken, liver, or Cheese-its.

Bubba Rose Biscuit Company (Facebook)

The treats that come from Bubba Rose Biscuit Company look so fancy that you won’t believe your eyes. Don’t leave them laying around humans, as someone is sure to think they belong to them and surely not the dog. The company has named themselves “The Foremost Purveyor of Exceptionally Crafted Five Star Dog Treats.” They handcraft little doggie birthday cakes that they personalize with your own special message. Their treats are made and packaged to be given as gifts for a dog lover. Located in New Jersey, the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company uses only fresh, organic ingredients and no preservatives. No artificial flavors, colors or GMO ingredients can be found in any of their products. Their ingredients include beef, chicken, turkey, pork, wild-caught salmon and tuna and cage-free eggs.

Tails in the City (Facebook)

Located out of Chicago, Illinois, Tails in the City is more than just a clever name. This store was developed to cater to the luxury dog item market. Selling more than just gourmet dog treats, Tails in the City has chic dog collars and clothes, cozy pet beds and clever toys inspired by designer brands such as Louis Vuitton® and Starbucks®. They carry designer products from Juicy Couture, Petote and Fifi & Romeo. Dog lovers are sure to say “awww” to their unique collection of toys and treats. Choose from items like Doggie Donuts, Ice Cream Cones, Fancy cupcakes and Doggie Cannoli treats. They also offer an extensive selection of Stella & Chewy’s dog treats.

Treat Dreams (Facebook)

Brown rounded cake with text in red
Happy birthday!

Another online gourmet dog bakery that offers unique products is called Treat Dreams. Their most mentionable item is their personalized dog treats, shaped like bones. You can have your dog’s name imprinted on them or another special message of your choice. Treat Dreams has a great collection of all natural, gluten-free treats in various shapes and flavors. Choose from flavors like carob peanut butter, cranberry petals, pumpkin snaps and bodacious blueberry bones. They will also get you ready for the holidays with their Valentine, Birthday, Halloween and Christmas doggie treat collection.

And there you have it! You or a dog lover you know are sure to feel extra special to give their dog a gift from one of these chic doggie bakeries.