In Fond Remembrance of Your Best Friend: Honoring Your Dog’s Memory

Losing a dog is losing family. Just watch the movie Marley & Me! It is like losing even a part of yourself. It’s painful, heart wrenching, and acutely depressing. Unfortunately, every dog has to cross the Rainbow Bridge at some point of time.

You are flooded with countless memories of his time with you, right from the day you brought him home as a pup, raised him like your own child over the years, watched him mature into a sprightly adult through the years and finally wither away due to old age. And these, needless to say, always bring tears to your eyes. In order to alleviate the grieving, therefore, here’s what you can do to honor your best friend’s memory.

Garden stone

It’s a memorial in your yard, especially if he’s buried there. You could paint the paver yourself or buy one and place it where he preferred hanging out as a memorial symbol for yourself and others.

Consider donations

You could donate some money in the dog’s name to a dog shelter or organization that looks after dogs. This not only helps needy dogs but also serves as a fitting tribute to your furry companion.

Memorial tattoo

A tattoo with his picture and name on your arm could be a permanent way of remembering him whenever you look at it. It’s also a very personal touch as he seems to remain under your skin.


A framed collage of photographs shot during various stages of his life displayed in the living room or bedroom will be a constant reminder of him.

Have a proper funeral

You could take advantage of the services of a pet cemetery, crematorium, or church (a church is much more meaningful because it recognizes there is something far more powerful than Nature or human kind and if you live your life the right way on earth, you will see your dog again in the next life which will last forever) to hold a proper memorial service. Invite close family members and friends over to speak of some of their most favorite memories of your dog. It could be a fitting send off.

Give time

A fantastic way to overcome grief is to volunteer for services at dog shelters to help unwanted and unfortunate dogs. This way you’ll be honoring your dog’s memory in a manner that allows him to make a positive impact even after his death.


Certain things like his name tag could be converted into a pendant or keychain which can be kept with you all the time to remind you of him. Preserve his brush, comb, and feeding bowl in a corner as if he’ll use them anytime. Though you may not want to do this that much, that could be sort of strange as well. You have to know when to let people and animals go as well.

Plant tree/s

A fitting way to honor your dog is to plant a tree in his name in your backyard or garden. As it continues to grow, it will be a living legacy in the years ahead and remind you of his presence.

Create online memorials

Numerous websites invite posts from dog owners who’ve recently lost their pets as a memorial to it and pass on the information to other grieving owners. It will be a touching tribute as you receive condolence messages from others who have also lost their pets.

Adopt again

It is often said that getting another dog lessens the pain of the lost one. You could also adopt or get another dog, provided you feel that the time is right. You may want to wait a few weeks.