How do you find your lost dog?

Losing your pet is like losing one of the important aspects of your life and we aren’t talking about loss due to death. If you are reading this, chances are that you are desperately in search of your lost dog and trying to figure out ways how to find your lost dog. Here are a few handy tips that may help you along the way.

Check whether your dog is really lost

Inspect the areas around your home where your pet is more likely to hang around. Check your backyard, ask your neighbors, and check the back of your property too. Is he hiding somewhere or lying under the shade of a tree, behind a bush, under the home, or sleeping in one of your closets? Get into the mind of your dog and think like him.

If he was angry, sad, wandering, or playing around, where would he go? Get into his mindset and act accordingly and remember, the sooner you start looking, the sooner you will find him.

Take a whistle and a flashlight

A whistle is a fantastic idea to get your dog’s attention. You can also use your dog’s favorite squeaky toy or carry any other instrument that will produce a sound that will help to grab your dog’s awareness. A flashlight will help make your search under bushes and cars easier. If you begin your search in the day, chances are that it will extend right into the night so it’s best that you take a flashlight with you.

Put up flyers

If your lost dog isn’t found in the first 24 hours, it’s time to enhance your search operations. Prepare fliers mentioning your name, contact details, information about a reward and post them around your neighborhood. Mention a description that will make your dog identifiable, but be sure to keep one characteristic a secret so that you know that the person responding actually has your dog.

Set up a Twitter page, even a Facebook page, devoting itself to this endeavor. Let people know what your pet looks like.

Your pet’s favorite food can be handy

Be sure to leave your pet’s favorite food and fresh water outside your house. Your lost dog may find his way back on his own and the food and drink can be appealing enough to keep him stuck to his place until you arrive. Think about keeping the food bowls in a humane trap so that your pet can be kept busy until you arrive.

Take care of yourself

It is very easy to neglect your own health and hygiene when something so dear is out of your sights. Make sure you don’t skip meals, lose sleep, and neglect your everyday routine. Pray, eat right, and exercise while looking for your pet. Though looking for your pet can be exercise in its own right! We know you are probably not going to watch a movie during this time as well but do not work yourself into a frenzy and imperil your own health.

That is unwise!

Don’t lose hope

Never give up as there is a chance you will find your lost dog or cat within the due course of time. You may have heard of instances where pet owners find their pets after weeks and even months. So keep your search on, regardless of how unpromising the situation may seem.

Keep recent photos of your pet in hand, post about your missing pet online (as already mentioned), and you can even call your local shelters for help. Get some rest after the physical and emotional exhaustion and once well rested, carry on with your search again.

When you find your lost dog, make sure you get a chip inserted in your dog. So the next time Fido goes missing, you can just use the chip and your GPRS to locate him or her much easier if this happens again. Hopefully it does not!