Dog Exercise Equipment

Is Fido looking a little pudgy around the middle? Whether your dog is overweight or not, all dogs need exercise. However, with the cold days of winter upon us, many pet owners find it challenging to make sure their pet is getting all of the exercise they need. Dogs that aren’t getting enough exercise can become bored and destructive as a result. Dogs that need more exercise may be unhappy and unhealthy. If this sounds like your pet, getting some dog exercise equipment for your canine friend may be just what the vet ordered.

Exercise Balls

It turns out that exercise balls aren’t just for yoga and pilates lovers. Your canine may also benefit from exercising with one. Exercise balls are great for giving your dog core strength, in both his back and abdominal muscles. You simply place your dog’s body on top of the ball. Their strength is challenged when they try to not fall off the ball. For core strengthening work, a large exercise ball is needed. It should be at least 4 inches higher than the dog’s withers.

Doggie Treadmills

A great way for your dog to get a healthy dose of indoor exercise is by running on a dog treadmill. You may be wondering, can’t I just let my dog run on the treadmill I have for me? The answer is no. A dog’s tail can easily become caught in the machinery of a human treadmill. This is because there is a gap between a typical treadmill’s belt and its motor.

Cesar Millan says that before you get started to make sure your dog becomes comfortable with the sight and sound of a running treadmill. He says the next step is to put him on the treadmill, offering him a treat. Now, turn the treadmill on the lowest speed. Continue to give him treats to keep him on the treadmill. It may also make your dog feel more comfortable to stand in front of the treadmill so that he is walking toward you. Although you may use the dog’s leash to help guide him or her, never use it to tie your dog to the treadmill. Never leave your dog alone while he is walking on a treadmill.

Though dog treadmills are a great way to get your dog in shape, avoid replacing outdoor walks entirely with indoor walks. According to Dr. Jennifer Coates, walking in an outdoor setting still beats walking indoors all of the time. This is because on outdoor walks, a dog’s mind is stimulated as well as his body. His mind and senses become engaged, taking in new sights and smells.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course for dogs is a great way to entertain your dog as well as giving him exercise. A dog obstacle course is made up of several pieces of exercise equipment that are used together, to design an exercise regimen that is both challenging to the dog and the dog owner. Your doggie gets to run over and under obstacles, and jump through them. To keep it challenging, you can time your dog each time he runs through. You can create a dog obstacle course out of easy-to-find items like a tire jump, a dog walk, a teeter board and a tunnel. Of course, you can also find dog agility equipment online that has already been constructed.

Adjustable Jump Bars

An adjustable jump bar is a great way to encourage your dog to exercise. You are able to adjust the bar as low or as high as you wish, based on how safe your dog feels and how challenged you want them to be. Over time, the dog will feel secure enough to jump higher and you can raise the bar. Give your dog treats as a reward.

In conclusion, whether you give your canine a dog treadmill or an obstacle course, he or she will be well on their way to becoming a healthier and happier dog!