Do Dogs Cry?

Your dog is a compassionate friend, who can share with you your happiness and sadness. Have you ever seen tears coming out of your dog’s eyes? This is didn’t happen because your dog feels sad. Instead, it was a result of some type of medical or health issue. If your dog is sad, he will express this another way, such as by howling or whimpering.

If You See Tears

Should you notice your dog’s eyes are watering, check for other symptoms. First, look for other secretions coming from the eyes of the dog, such as blood or a yellow discharge. See if your dog’s eyes look swollen or irritated.  Should your dog show any of these symptoms, take them to visit their veterinarian.

Possible Causes of Tears

Allergies are one possible cause. Dogs can have an allergic reaction to the seasons, the weather or pollen, or may have other foreign particles in their eyes that may make them water. It is also a possibility that your dog may have blocked tear ducts, which don’t let the tears to drain as they should, which may cause them to stream uncontrollably down the face of the dog. An infection could also be present, caused by scratches or dirt around his eyes, which could be a scratched cornea.

Wiping Their Tears

If your dog has tears, take a damp washcloth and wipe them away. Be certain that you do this as soon as you see his tears drying, as it could cause dirt to clump up in that area. Stay away from your dog’s eyelashes if you can, focusing on cleaning the area surrounding the eyes. When you are wiping his tears, speak to your dog in a reassuring, gentle tone. When you are done, give your dog a treat.

Why Dogs Howl

If your dog is howling or whining, that is the closest thing to a dog crying. Your dog may be doing this just to get attention from you. It is also possible that the dog may be whining about something they want you to give to them. A dog can even start making noise just from getting too excited when you come home. Your dog may also howl to interact with other animals.

Cesar Milan says that the first thing you need to do when your dog is whining is to rule out physical pain. This may be the case if the dog whines while laying down being submissive without trying to interact with you. The second thing to rule out is that they need to relieve themselves outside.

Your dog may be whining to communicate their emotional needs. Did you know that your dog can get separation anxiety? If a dog senses that you are leaving, they may do this to discourage you from leaving. If a dog is anxious, excited, scared or frustrated they may whine.

Teaching Your Dog Not to Whine

Avoid scolding your dog each time it decides to whine or howl. Deal with the situation in a positive manner. One thing you can do is teach them to howl on command. Doing this may give them less of a reason to do it for no reason. You can also teach your dog a speaking command in addition to a quiet command. This may make your dog only make noise when you ask them to. Another idea is to reward your dog with a treat when they are silent.