Building a New Home? Consider These Underground Dog Fences

Perimeter® Ultimate Dog Fence PRO-Grade

What stands out about the Perimeter® Ultimate Dog Fence is its collar, which is one of the lightest and smallest collars in the industry. It only weighs 1.1 ounces. The collar is also unique in that its contact points are covered in rubber. This means that it will be more comfortable to your dog. The collar is so waterproof that it can be completely submerged and still work great.

It has four correction level settings and 1 level that increases progressively as the dog goes toward the boundary line. Instead of the level being set on the collar, it is set on the transmitter. It has a battery check feature to let you know if the battery is really depleted before you change it.

PetSafe® Rechargeable In Ground Dog Fence PRO-Grade

The collar included in the PetSafe® Rechargeable In Ground Dog Fence is completely rechargeable and is also lightweight. It charges quickly, in about 2 hours and the charge will last for about 2 months. It fits dogs both large and small. Each collar has its own individual correction device, so you can customize the level of correction that you need for each dog.

The PetSafe® rechargeable system is also designed to operate in conjunction with the PetSafe® Indoor Pet Barrier. This means you can set up an invisible fence inside your home as well, to keep your dog out of unwanted areas, like the trash can.

PetSafe® YardMax Pet Fence PRO-Grade

YardMax is the newest dog fence from PetSafe®. Designed for dogs from 10 to 150 pounds, this system features a collar that weighs only 3 ounces. It has one of the highest maximum correction settings available. It has individual correction settings for each collar on the system. When it is in YardMax mode, the correction zone extends through the outside of the boundary area to give your dog as much space as he can get.

The collar runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that take about 2 hours to charge. The charge lasts for about a month. The collar has a Fit Test feature which is designed to let you know if the collar fits your dog properly. It comes with both short and long contact points which are designed for dogs with longer hair.

SportDOG® Containment Fence PRO-Grade

Designed for large rural properties, the SportDOG® Containment Fence can contain up to 100 acres. It is appropriate for larger dogs, between 20 and 220 pounds. The correction is too strong for dogs smaller than this, with necks smaller than 13 inches. However, if you have a smaller dog, you can pick up any PetSafe® collar for small dogs and you can use it with the system.

The collar it comes with is rather bulky, but it is really durable. It can even be completely submerged in water without any problem. You can use as many collars as you want with this system, with correction that you can set individually for each dog. The collars require standard 9-volt batteries and you will need a screwdriver to change them out.

PetSafe® Stubborn Dog Fence PRO-Grade

The PetSafe® Stubborn Dog system is only appropriate for dogs over 50 pounds. It is useful for dogs who have a low sensitivity to pain. This system boosts the strength of a standard system by 50%. Breeds who may need this stronger system include German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and Akitas. If you have a smaller dog in addition to a larger one, you can still use this fence. You will just need to buy a different PetSafe® collar of your own choosing.

There are 5 different levels of adjustable correction with these collars, which can be set independently. However, be aware that even the lowest setting is quite strong. The collars also run on standard 9-volt batteries that must be changed with a screwdriver.

This system is compatible with the PetSafe® Indoor Radio Fence, so you can have an invisible barrier in your house as well, to keep your dogs out of problem areas.

What PRO-Grade Means

Short for professional grade, PRO-Grade means higher quality. Instead of a thin, 20 gauge wire that comes with standard kits, you receive a thicker, 14 gauge wire. This is important because getting the thicker wire means that you won’t have a risk of your wire snapping in two like with the cheaper wire. A thinner wire needs to be replaced every couple of years, where the thicker wire is designed for longevity.

In a PRO-Grade kit, you also receive a heavy duty surge protector which is lightning resistant. You get 50 upgraded wire training flags and 10 dog fence staples, so you can secure part of the wire above the ground if you need to. Buying a PRO-Grade system means that you also get a 3 year warranty, as opposed to the standard 1 year warranty that comes with the rest.