Why Do Cats Knead?

When cats in their typical characteristic style make a motion of rhythmically pushing their paws in and out alternately against a soft object, they are said to be kneading.

Vital Information Germane to Dog Vomiting

Dogs vomit due to a number of reasons – some benign and some not so benign. The process is undertaken to expel from their abdomen, something that is acting as a gastric irritant or simply to throw up any excess food that their system refuses to absorb.

Taking Care of a Pregnant Canine

So your doggy’s going to be a mom and you’re going to be a proud godfather to its litter. It’s a time of great expectations and happiness in a family when its “daughter” gives you the chance to be a grandparent also.

Winter Care for Canines

Many first time dog owners believe that because dogs have thick coats, they are immune to cold climates. However, this just isn’t true. For dogs tend to feel as uncomfortable as humans in the open and also crave the warmth of being inside as much as we do.