6 Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Sparkling White

Your vet tells you to keep your dog’s teeth clean. But you wonder how to do so! It is recommended that you brush the teeth of your dog every day to prevent food and bacteria build up that can lead to infections, gum irritation, and of course plaque.

However, brushing your dog’s teeth is easier said than done, and perhaps even your vet fails to follow through on his own advice. Here are a few simple tips to keep your four legged friend’s teeth sparkling white without any hassles.

Dog Tooth Wipes

Now this is one helluva alternative to brushing your dog’s teeth. It is easier and takes barely any time. You get tooth wipes on the market that just need to be rubbed against the teeth of your dog, and the wipes will do the rest! It magically removes plaque. These wipes are a lot like toothbrushes, but do not expect them to be able to reach out to tiny nooks and crannies! All, said and done, this is certainly a poignant option for busy dog parents.

Chew Toys

If your dog loves the chew game, buy him some nylon or hard rubber chew toys. Not only do these toys provide unlimited hours of enjoyment and fun, but also are excellent for scraping and cleaning their teeth.

Raw Bones

Just like a good ol’ hard rubber toy, raw bones too can help clean off teeth. Pick bones that are large and uncooked. A smaller bone is bound to break and get stuck in your dog’s throat. Supervise your dog while he chews on his treat to ensure he doesn’t break off pieces of the bone and choke on them.

Dog Dental Treats

Buy a pack of dental treats at your grocers when you go shopping next. These treats are a poignant way to improve dental hygiene. They are made especially to help remove plaque buildup and to clean and freshen your dog’s mouth. Your dog will like this treat a lot more than a brush or wipes. They come in various sizes, shapes, and even flavors.

Feed Good Food

What you eat is what you are, goes a popular saying. And, this holds true for dogs too. Feed your dog stellar food, as it helps keep his teeth a lot healthier. Choose quality food made from whole foods that will not just give him nourishment, but also make his teeth stronger. Avoid cereal grains as they tend to get stuck in your dog’s teeth. Food made from veggies, meat, and fruit are a wholesome choice.

Regular Professional Cleanings

Take your dog for a professional cleanup regularly. Your vet is best equipped to diagnose and treat any issues that you may overlook. Also, regular cleanups will help maintain your dog’s dental hygiene.

Even with your very best efforts to keep your dog’s teeth clean, dental problems can occur. Offensive odor is the first sign of a dental problem. If a sniff of your dog’s mouth makes you frown, the next step to take is to inspect his teeth and gums. If your dog’s teeth aren’t clean and white and its gums pink, it is time to book an appointment with your vet!