5 Ways Your Pet can Improve Your General Well-Being

When you are down in the dumps, feeling low and weary, and can barely get yourself off the couch, it is most certainly your dog that comes to your rescue.

Dogs can instantly sense a dip in your mood and will cuddle with you, motivate you to get up, get dressed and step outdoors. Somehow, these fur-babies get you to smile no matter how hopeless and miserable you may be feeling.

Most doctors and experts opine that home pets, not just therapy pets, can do wonders in healing your mind, body, and spirit! They can extract the happiness out of you. They can remind you that you should not take life so serious. Have fun and scratch your dog’s belly!

And, here is how and why:

  1. Your pet can get you outside: Moping indoors when you are glum will only make you more sad and depressed. Sun and fresh air can help elevate your mood while also giving you a dose of the much needed Vitamin D. Exposure to this vitamin helps the body fight both physical and mental conditions, such as depression, obesity, heart attacks, and even cancer. Also, when you step out with your dog, you are engaging with nature, which in itself can be a calming experience.
  2. Your pet can give you a purpose: Owning a pet can give a sense of belongingness and a feeling of purpose, which can be a blessing when you are overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Caring for your pet helps you focus on something other than the woes that life can bring. Your good deeds towards your pet, and its positive response, will give you a satisfaction that is best understood when experienced!
  3. Your pet can make you more social: Your pooch can help you get on with your social life. This is especially true with dog parents who take their pets outdoors for walks and play. Passerbys tend to stop and pet your dog and strike a conversation which can be the beginning of a new friendship! And, if you aren’t ready to meet new people in person, you can make virtual friends. There are dozens of networking sites and Facebook groups for dog owners!
  4. Your pet can help children with Autism: If your child suffers from autism, you will do good in bringing home a pup. Kids with autism exhibit sensory issues that can make interacting with people a challenge. Animals, especially dogs, can draw and hold the attention of kids with autism. Children with ADHD too can benefit greatly from adopting a companion pet. This helps the child release energy more constructively and makes the child a lot more responsible.
  5. Your pet can lower your cholesterol levels: If you have a dog, it is likely that your cholesterol levels are in check. Those long daily walks do wonders in regulating blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels naturally without having to depend on medication.

When you come home to a wagging tail, after a long day at work, a sense of calm will envelop you. Such is the magic of dogs on man. They love you, respect you, care for you, and simply adore you. They are indeed a human’s best friend forever!