Breaking Down Cat Allergies

For those who love keeping cats, cat allergies are all too common. It could be a family member’s never-ending cold symptoms with running noses and eyes, non-stop sneezing and a perpetually ticklish nose or certain rashes that break out on your skin whenever you play with Kitty.

Ear Mites in Dogs

Whenever you see your dog scratching its ears excessively or shaking its head violently from side to side, it’s quite possible that he has been affected by Otodectes cynotis mites, commonly known as ear mites.

Causes of Itching and Scratching in Pets

Perhaps your pet normally has a thick and beautiful coat of fur. Then, one day you notice a bare spot of skin or a red and inflamed area on their leg. To make things worse, your pet is insistent on biting, chewing and licking it.

Do Dogs Cry?

Your dog is a compassionate friend, who can share with you your happiness and sadness. Have you ever seen tears coming out of your dog’s eyes? This is didn’t happen because your dog feels sad.