Breaking Down Cat Allergies

For those who love keeping cats, cat allergies are all too common. It could be a family member’s never-ending cold symptoms with running noses and eyes, non-stop sneezing and a perpetually ticklish nose or certain rashes that break out on your skin whenever you play with Kitty.

How to Train Your Cat

Who said dogs could be trained only? As a pet, your cat could also be trained to be an obedient servant to your commands. It’s true though that dogs and cats have different mentalities and their training techniques too, differ.

10 Signs That Your Cat May Be Sick

Though cat lovers may disagree, veterinarians consider cats to be creatures of subtlety. Specifically, when it comes to cats letting you know they are sick, they are masters of disguise.

How to Introduce a Dog and a Cat

Perhaps you already have a dog and want to bring a cat into your family, or vice versa. Despite what is shown in cartoons, cats and dogs can get along.

Cat Sounds and What They Mean

Cats communicate in the most charming ways. Whether they are making cat sounds like meowing, purring, hissing or yowling, cats express themselves in a most unique manner.

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Curious Cat Behaviors

Cats make great companions. However, at times they display curious behaviors that leave you wondering what they are thinking. Here are some of the more comical things that cats do that make them so charming.

Checklist to Get Ready for a New Cat

Is it time to bring a feline bundle of joy into your life and home? After some simple preparation, your kitty will have what he or she needs to be happy in your home.

How to Stop a Cat From Spraying

If you see your cat standing by a door, piece of furniture or curtain, and she lifts up her tail and urinates, alas your cat has picked up a spraying habit.