Is Electronic Fencing Right For You: The Positives And The Negatives

All dogs deserve a good fence so that they can enjoy their yards and if your dog does not yet have one of his or her own, then it is time to think about your options. Dogs feel secure within a good fence and this is something that both dog behaviorists and veterinarians can confirm for you. Dogs are territorial and really do feel better when they know where their boundaries are. If you have not yet heard about the invisible type fences that are available now then you certainly will want a better look so let's get started right now.


A General Overview of Invisible Type Fencing and How It Works


An invisible type fence is actually very easy to understand. It has three primary components. The first component is a transmitter that is connect with a power source and will connect with a buried boundary wire. This wire will emit radio signals that will go for a very short distance from the fence. Your dog, when the fence is set up, will wear a receiving collar that will detect this signal whenever he or she gets close to the fence. First, they will hear a beeping sound that warns them to back away and return to the safety of the yard whenever they approach an area where the wire is buried. If they do not stop, a small static charge will be sent that they can feel, but is not especially painful. It is more like a touch based reminder to them. This is how the fence operates, overall.


Dog Fences Will Benefits Those Who Don't Like the Way Normal Fences Look


If you have a gorgeous yard that your dog stays in, then you may not want to have to fence it. A lot of people simply do not like the way fences look and if this is you, you will be glad to know that there is no sign of a fence with an electronic dog fence. It works very simply and will do what you need, but there will be no sign of a fence that is interfering with your view. Also, in some communities zoning means that they cannot have a certain kind of fence or perhaps a fence big enough to prevent a dog from escaping so this is when an invisible type fence can and often is the perfect solution.


Containment is a Key Advantage with a Modern and Well Installed Dog Fence


There are many advantages that you get when it comes to containment with this kind of dog fence. For one thing, you do not have to worry about storm damage or other issues knocking your fence over and your dog escaping. Nor do you have to worry over them chewing, digging or jumping their way out. In addition, there will not be any instances of a person leaving the gate open and the dog escaping that way since there is no gate in the first place. That said, you do need to make sure your fence is properly installed and that your dog has actually been trained in how to approach and utilize the boundaries to his advantage. Once those things have been taken care of, though, the rest really is easy.


Save Time and Money By Choosing a Dog Fence Over a Traditional Fence


You will spend in the thousands of dollars to have a fence installed and then you have to start worrying about keeping it maintained. Metal rusts, wood rots and both of these can be damaged by severe winds or lots of other factors. None of this is going to be a worry for you if you have an invisible type fence that you can install on your own for just a few hundred dollars. Additionally, you do not have to wait as long as you would if you had a traditional fence installed for you or did it by yourself.


Some People Do Not Like Having to Do the Training a Dog Fence Requires


One drawback to the invisible type of fence is that you do have to spend 2 or 3 weeks training your dog. The sessions take just a few minutes done 3 times a day, every day, for those 2 or 3 weeks. After that, your dog will be fine, but some people simply do not want to have to do this. They would be better off choosing a different way to contain their dog, but keep in mind that any untrained dog will be difficult to handle.


Yards Not Near a Power Source May Pose a Problem


If your yard has absolutely no nearby power outlet, such as in your home, this might not be the best choice. While this is extremely rare, it can happen which would be a major drawback.


An Extremely Small Yard May Not Work Well for an Invisible Type Fence


If your yard is very, very tiny this fence may be too much. You might be better off with a traditional type of fence because you can cover up to 100 acres with this kind of fence, but extremely small yards might be tough to work with.


Pregnant Dogs or Dogs That Are Ill May Need a Unique Approach


Very young puppies under 6 months of age, pregnant dogs, or dogs that are ill are not good choices for this type of fence. The issue here is that they may do better in a more enclosed area. Always think of your dog's needs first.


Dogs with Aggression Issues May Need a Different Type of Fence. We definately do not recomend Invisible Fence® Dog Watch® or any other bran for dogs with very aggresive tendenies, the main reason is that dog fences can not stop small children or other animals from entering ones property.


Dogs that are prone to biting or pursuing people or other animals may not do so well with this type of fence. If they run past the boundary without stopping due to an adrenaline rush, they may not understand how to get back into the fence. In addition, if people see no fence they may enter your yard and be bitten. Instead, utilize an invisible and traditional fence together for ultimate protection of your dog.


Some Owners Simply May Not Stick with Things the Way They Should


The truth is, not all people will follow through on training the way they should. Be honest with yourself and if you do not believe you will do everything needed, choosing another option may be smarter.