The Pros And Cons Of Installing an I underground fence

Dog fencing is one of those things that we invest in because we want our dogs to have the highest quality of life possible. We know that in order to do this, they are going to need easy to understand boundaries and, the fact is, these boundaries are good for their physical and emotional well-being. Veterinarians and other dog experts tell us that dogs which have clear and solid boundaries are happier because they understand what is going on and what is expected of them. They also are not going to be running around where they could be injured by a vehicle, another animal or even cruel people. Plus, they are far less likely to contract an illness. These considerations alone are more than enough to make you start considering the benefits of an invisible type fence, but let's go further than that. Let's look at the option to install one of these fences yourself instead of paying to have a company do it for you. Yes, it's possible and, furthermore, it can save you a whole lot of money.


First You Want to Understand What an Invisible Type Fence is & How It Works  Remember Invisible Fence®  is a brand name we do not represent Invisible Fence® This product is simply a brand name of dealer only type product and can not be bought in a retail capacity. Generic terms such as underground dog fence, Electric dog fence, Hidden fence, radio fence, electric fence are what people generally refer to this type of fence system.


Just in case you have never heard about this kind of dog fence, we want to be clear that it is not like the far more expensive traditional fences you have seen. Instead, you have a system that is run on normal electrical power, which you will find in an outlet in your garage or within your home. You plug a transmitter box into the power and then you connect the boundary wires to it. These boundary wires are going to be buried around the perimeter of your property where they will receive power and emit a very weak radio signal that broadcasts a certain distance from the wire itself. That radio signal broadcasts constantly and you can adjust it at the transmitter box if you want to change the boundary or adjust how far the wire broadcasts. The signal emitted is going to be detected by what is called a receiver collar, the collar your dog will wear. When they get close to the boundary wire, the collar will begin to beep at them to let them know they need to back up. You will work with your dog to train them that backing away is the proper response to make the beeping stop. If the beeping does not deter them then a very slight electric shock, not a painful one at all, will be issued so that they feel the difference and can begin backing away. This is certainly a very smart way to go that is going to help them learn quickly. Training will normally take place during 3 daily sessions where you work with your dog a for 10 minutes or so. You will do these daily sessions for a couple days until you are sure they understand the way the fence works. Really, you are teaching your dog how to use the fence to understand where you need them to stay.


A Dog Fence of This Type is a Far Lower Cost Way to Go


People who choose to install a wooden, chain link, wrought iron, brick or concrete fence are looking at days' or even weeks' worth of time to either install it or have it installed. They will also spend thousands of dollars to get the materials to build one of these fences or have the work done for them by a contractor. That can be a huge hassle, not to mention a huge expense. You could also have an invisible type fence installed for you, but that gets expensive, too. Instead, consider installing a DIY dog fence and saving yourself a lot of money in the process. That is a smart move and really, these fencing systems are very easy for you to install and then train your dog for. Once you see how well they work, you will be glad you chose to go this route.


It Really is Easy to Install Your Own Dog Fence as opposed to having a professional do it for you?


Watch this video  for a quick demonstration of how easy it really is to install a fence.


That's right, you can do everything on your own if you want to. A typical sized yard will take you about 10 hours to get the system fully installed. Of course, there is still the training to do after this, but that is much, much faster than any physical fence could ever be built. Even those who have no real skills at building things will be able to install a fence of the invisible variety very easily after they read the guide that comes with it. You will need to buy all of the wire , still, but after that you are good to go and can get the fence all set up within the span of a single day.


The Sense of Satisfaction Can Really Be a Positive Thing to Experience


For a lot of people, installing the dog fence is going to be something they do because they enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they took care of everything on their own. While that is not everyone's cup of tea, it is reason enough to do it if you want to. This could be a terrific weekend project for a family, for instance, and everyone can feel great about setting things up for the dog to be happy.


Certain Situations and Certain Dogs May Need Another Approach


There are situations in which this is not the best kind of fencing to choose. For instance, puppies who are not yet 3  months really should not have this kind of fence because they will not yet be able to understand how it works. Nor would it be an especially good idea for a dog that is pregnant or very old or sick. These dogs need special care, as your vet will tell you. Also, aggressive dogs should have a physical fence as well as a dog fence of the invisible variety to protect them and those around them. There are solutions for especially strong willed dogs, but you do need to work at it to get the best solution possible. We recomend the Stubborn dog fence for larger and more difficult dogs. This system has all the strength you would ever need to keep a stronger willed dog like an Alaskin Mallamute or Husky properly contained on your property.