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Shock collars for dogs, commonly known as e-collars or remote training collars, represent some of the best modern tools for lessening the difficulty of training dogs of all breeds and sizes. Whether you want to use them for professional training purposes or just to solve some of the common behavior issues that may appear when you own a pet dog, these collars are the best practical choice you can make to train your animal friend more easily.


  • Even though older models developed at the dawn of the e-collar age were considered to be somewhat unpractical and unsafe according to modern standards, significant breakthrough achievements in technology allow modern day shock collars for dogs to be the ultimate tools for safely and easily guiding your dog through the various stages required by the most advanced training techniques on the planet.


    A Short History of Shock Collars


    Originally used for training hunting dogs in the early 1970s, shock collars were designed to work by delivering electric impulses of various intensities and durations to the neck of a dog in order to discourage certain activities or urges.


    In time, the technology became more and more refined, allowing trainers to work interactively with their dogs and providing a larger variety of uses. The intensity of the shocks has significantly been reduced as well, in order to ensure the health and well-being of the animal during the training process.


    Gradually, as manufacturers were able to provide a higher level of safety, shock collars for dogs started to become more and more popular, and the number of those who have successfully managed to create better and more multi-functional dog collars started to increase as well.


    Modern day dog collars use much more precise methods of providing stimulation with more than 100 distinct correction levels in some cases, which allow pet owners to regulate shock intensity for virtually any type of dog.


    The Advancement of Modern Technological Features


    Apart from safety issues, the reliability of e-collars has been greatly increased in the past couple of decades. Today, the most modern shock collars for dogs have some of the most advanced technological features that allow for excellent control of low-intensity electric stimulation, a range often reaching values of several kilometers, and even GPS tracking systems, which help protect your dogs by allowing you to keep track of their every move.


    Durability is a key issue among many e-collar manufacturers, as dog owners have complained in the past that some collars have a hard time resisting to long-term use, especially when they are used for training a more active dog or when they are exposed to water.


    Therefore, there are more and more shock collars for dogs that are manufactured using sturdier, more resistant materials. While these might be somewhat more expensive than some of the regular collars used only for basic training, their long-term durability is unquestionable and the advantages you can benefit from are well worth any slight additional investments.


    The best e-collars on the market today are completely waterproof and weigh less than 5 ounces. This is a significant advancement when compared to older models and allows for much more freedom of movement, as your dog will rarely even notice the collar’s presence. Also, the collars, as well as the wireless handheld devices that allow you to control them, are often powered by advanced lithium batteries, which can supply steady power while rarely needing to be recharged.


    Many shock collars for dogs also feature a tone option that can be used with or without electric stimulation. This is perfect for correcting misbehavior or encouraging certain positive actions in a more subtle way. Such enhancements are constantly being renewed and updated so that new and improved e-collar models are manufactured and designed to offer even more sophisticated methods for improving all types of dog training techniques.


    In order to benefit from all the advantages that modern technology can offer through the many new ideas applied in the dog collar industry, all you need to do is to search the internet for the features that you would require. You will find hundreds of unique shock collars for dogs equipped with every variety of functions that a dog trainer could even imagine.


    Dog Collars of the Future


    Creativity can never really have a limit. Modern dog collar manufacturers are continually working to come up with new ideas for the future technological advancements that could be used to create even better training collars for dogs. Some of these new ideas are quite practical, while others seem to be inspired from science fiction stories.


    One of the most popular improvements that many dog trainers are already looking for would be a link between the technology used for manufacturing shock collars for dogs and various types of information technology. It would be interesting, for example, to have a dog collar that could communicate with your computer or smart phone so that you could perhaps use your own software to program the collar the way you want. Also, the possibility of setting up boundaries for your dog so that he may not stray too far from a specific fixed point that you would establish yourself could further expand the horizon of dog training and perhaps even make some older dog training tools redundant.


    Even though this type of technology is not yet available, many companies are constantly struggling to create increasingly advanced shock collars for dogs that would be better, more durable and offer a wider variety of options to aid people in the use of literally every type of dog training system in existence.


    According to some experts in dog training technology, some of these ideas regarding the future of dog collars are not that unlikely to be put into practice in the next one or two decades. The effort of creating better dog training tools, however, is mainly focused on the design of a more practical array of devices. The future of shock collars for dogs might, therefore, look more like a refined reflection of the technology we already have, instead of emphasizing the addition of new functions and features.



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