PetSafe® Dog Training Collars

The Use of Petsafe Dog Training Collars for Improving the Behavior of Dogs

If you are having problems with your dog’s training or behavior, you will very likely be interested in finding good dog training collars to help your dog get back on track. The first thing you must understand is that you are not in fact alone. Countless dog owners in the entire world are faced with similar issues and it is sometimes quite a challenge to keep your beloved pets away from having either dangerous habits such as chasing cars or even simpler behavior issues.

  • The issue of buying a dog collar has crossed many people’s minds but most of them are at a loss as to what the criteria for choosing the best ones for their pets are or where the best place to get them would be.


    What Are Petsafe Dog Training Collars?


    Dog collars are basically pieces of material wrapped around a dog’s neck in order to serve a particular purpose. While most simple collars just have a basic use of keeping your pet on a leash, training collars are much more complex, allowing you to train your dog’s behavior usually by electrically stimulating his nervous system in order to encourage certain behavior patterns or discouraging others.

    Apart from these shock collars, as they are called, there are several other types of training collars that either alter the tightness of the grip around the dog’s neck (slip collars), apply pressure on certain points on the neck in order to prevent the dog from pulling away (prong collars) or give the trainer the possibility to direct the dog’s movements more easily (head halters).

    There is some controversy as to the abusive ways in which some dog owners make use of these items, however the simple truth is that Petsafe Dog Training Collars are just tools designed to help you not only improve dogs’ behavior but also protect them and the people around them from potential dangers. It is extremely important therefore for the owner to act responsibly when using any one of these collars.

    Making the Best Choice for your Pet

    Dog collars are very safe and useful tools. They can assist you in teaching your dogs virtually any trick or behavior pattern that you would want them to learn. Nevertheless, choosing the best collar for your pet can be quite a difficult issue.

    There are hundreds of different dog training collars from various manufacturers that you can pick from. Many experts consider that modern shock collars (also named e-collars or remote training collars) are the best choice in practically any situation.

    The first versions of these collars, used in the 60’s to train hunting dogs, were extremely high powered and many considered them unsuitable for animals’ safety. As a result, with the help of technology, new and improved shock training collars were manufactured that work with significantly lower energy and are able to offer a far larger variety of applications in behavior modification and training. Additionally, some collars even include GPS mapping technology that can help the owner locate his dog in case he wonders off.

    Remote Petsafe Dog Training Collars are usually created with a wireless connection to a handheld device through which the owner is able to control the collar. The issue of properly controlling the device has been raised on many occasions to the extent that nowadays most experts would normally recommend that you ask for the advice of a professional trainer before you start using the collar. Otherwise a misuse of the electric device, whether accidental or on purpose, can have profound negative influences on the dog’s behavior.

    It is very important therefore to look for dog training collars that have a very high level of quality when it comes to generating the proper electric stimulation for working with a dog’s behavior issues. Some owners might consider to save money and buy cheaper collars that, consequently, also perform poorly. The outcome can create discomfort for trainee dogs or even rapid deterioration of the purchased device that would bring along many problems.

    Such problems can be avoided, of course, if you look for a collar that is able to perform perfectly. The risk factor is simply too great to think about saving up money in this case, because Petsafe Dog Training Collars have to be perfect for your dog. This will not only bring happiness but also health to your pet. Also, most collars are quite affordable so there shouldn’t be an actual problem.

    Working with Behavior Issues


    There are practically countless issues that could arise in a dog’s development and training period. Generally, most problems are easy to deal with but in some cases the risks involved demand the use of a remote collar.

    Depending on the trainer’s methods, either positive or negative reinforcement can be used with the help of dog training collars in order to either reinforce or stop certain behaviors. Many collars have varying levels of shock intensity that can be used to help the dog get acquainted with what to do and what not to do.

    Usually, shock collars come equipped with rheostat dials just so that you can accurately determine the level of stimulation that they would induce. You will therefore easily be able to adjust the power, in order to teach the dog what type of shocks to associate with certain behaviors.

    Additional Advantages


    Many Petsafe Dog Training Collars come with a variety of additional features that are geared to help improve your dog’s safety and comfort. Antimicrobial casting devices attached to the collars, for example, can effectively keep harmful bacteria away and give your dog a well deserved break. Also, longer range collars will help you keep track of your animal friend even at longer distances. Moreover, some collars are waterproof and resistant to weather, which makes them perfect for dogs that like to swim or in case a storm may come. Overall, the usefulness and versatility of these devices is quite surprising. The variety of commands that you can teach your dog with their help is staggering, not to mention that they can be very helpful with behavior issues. Many experts consider Petsafe Dog Training Collars to be the most essential devices for helping your pet develop perfectly.

  1. Petsafe Deluxe Large or Stubborn Dog Trainer

    Petsafe Deluxe Large or Stubborn Dog Trainer

    PDT00-13411 305 trains your Big and/or Stubborn Dog with:

    • New 10 correction levels that you set conveniently with a thumbwheel on the transmitter.

    • New Warning tone option: Tone only options

    • Appropriate for dogs over 30 pounds that are hard to train. Receiver size: 3.9 ounces and measures 2.5 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches

    PDT00-13411 305 Petsafe Remote Dog Training Collar Features:

    • Water-resistant receiver/collar

    • 255 Different frequencies pre-set at the factory so you can train more than one dog at a time. (Frequencies cannot be changed but we will ship you trainers with different frequencies.)

    • Uses common 3-volt lithium batteries in the receiver and transmitter for maximum convenience and minimum cost. 4 Batteries are included.

    • No obtrusive, external antenna

    • Small transmitter: About the size of a slim TV remote

    • Low battery indicator

    • Lifetime warranty

    PDT00-13411 305 Petsafe System Contents:

    • Waterproof, Rechargeable Collar Receiver

    • Handheld Training Transmitter

    • Nylon collar

    • Test Light

    • Training Manual

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Original Price: $199.00

    Only: $179.95

  2. Petsafe Elite Big Dog Trainer

    Petsafe Elite Big Dog Trainer

    Elite Big Dog Trainer Features:

    • 1000-Yard Range

    • 15 levels of correction and a +2 boost button

    • Expands up to 2 dogs

    • Soft, Stylish Comfortable Collar

    • Handy, Digital Remote

    • Tone-Only Function for Added Training Flexibility

    • Static Stimulation

    • Adjustable, Waterproof, Rechargeable Receiver Collar

    • Waterproof, Rechargeable Remote Transmitter

    • Large Digital Display on Transmitter

    • Transmitter Buttons now include symbols for quick reference

    • For Dog Weight Over 40 lbs.

    • Includes a wrist strap

    • Grey molded collar

    • One Year Warranty

    Original Price: $189.99

    Only: $159.95

  3. PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer

    PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer

    Collar fits neck sizes up to 22 inches. Works for dogs 8 pounds and up.

    Waterproof Receiver Collars
    Range up to 100 yards
    Easy to read digital remote transmitter
    16 levels of stimulation plus tone only button
    +2 boost button for distractions
    Functional, versatile and easy to use
    One of the best tools available for aiding in behavioral changes in pets
    A reliable way to manage your dog off leash

    System Includes
    Receiver and Adjustable Collar
    Digital Remote Transmitter
    Test Light Tool
    Four CR2032 Batteries
    Wrist Strap
    Operating and Training Guide
    One Year Warranty

    Original Price: $289.95

    Only: $199.95

  4. Elite Series Little Dog Remote Trainer | PDT00-13623

    Elite Series Little Dog Remote Trainer | PDT00-13623

    • Elite Series

    • Little Dog Training System

    • 400-Yard Range

    • 15 Levels of Static Correction w/ +2 Boost Button

    • Expandable to 2-Dog Training System

    • Tone-Only Function for Added Training Flexibility

    • Comfortable & Stylish Molded Collar

    • Adjustable, Waterproof & Rechargeable Receiver Collar

    • Waterproof & Rechargeable Remote Transmitter

    • Large Digital Display on Transmitter

    • For Dog Weight 8 to 40 lbs

    • Rechargeable Battery for Collar & Transmitter

    Original Price: $189.95

    Only: $179.95

  5. PetSafe PUPT-100-19 Ultrasonic Remote Dog Trainer

    PetSafe PUPT-100-19 Ultrasonic Remote Dog Trainer

    • Uses a startling ultrasonic sound to discourage unwanted behaviors

    • Effectively stops chewing, jumping up, digging, barking and more

    • Positive tone to reward good behavior

    • Indoor and outdoor use

    • Operating range up to 30 feet

    • No receiver collar needed

    • For dogs or cats

    • Requires 9-volt battery (not included)


    Price: $99.95

  6. PetSafe PDT00-11234 Remote Spray Dog Collar

    PetSafe PDT00-11234 Remote Spray Dog Collar

    • Waterproof and rechargeable transmitter and receiver

    • Collar fits necks up to 28"

    • Unpleasant but harmless lemon-scented spray

    • Four levels of spray with tone-only option

    • 150-yard range

    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    • One year warranty


    Price: $135.95

  7. PetSafe PDT00-10867 Deluxe Little Dog Training Collars

    PetSafe PDT00-10867 Deluxe Little Dog Training Collars

    • Rechargeable and waterproof transmitter

    • Waterproof collar weighs only 2 ounces

    • Collar fits necks up to 16"

    • QuickFit™ buckle ensures perfect fit and quick release

    • Eight levels of correction

    • Safe to use on dogs 3-55 pounds, up to 16" neck

    • 100-yard range

    • Low battery indicator on both transmitter and receiver

    • Requires one RFA-188 battery (included)

    • One year warranty


    Price: $199.95

  8. PetSafe PDLDT-305 Deluxe Little Dog Remote Trainer Collar

    PetSafe PDLDT-305 Deluxe Little Dog Remote Trainer Collar

    • Durable and waterproof receiver collar

    • QuickFit™ Buckle ensures perfect fit

    • Ideal for dogs 8-40 pounds

    • Transmitter controlled by easy-to-use thumb wheel

    • 100-yard range

    • 10 levels of correction plus a tone-only mode

    • Weather-resistant transmitter

    • Low battery indicator

    • Safety Shut-Off

    • FCC approved

    • One year warranty


    Price: $199.95

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