Little Dog elite Bark control collar

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Quick Overview

The new Elite little dog bark control collar cures all annoying excessive barking quickly.

  • Smallest lightest on the market
  • 10 progressive levels of light touch correction
  • Customizable colors
  • Easy to use mirco-processor learns your dogs bark patterns
  • Fully water proof
  • 30 day return policy-guaranteed to stop your dogs barking

Little Dog elite Bark control collar

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The elite little dog bark control collar is the smallest, lightest and most sensitive bark control system in the pet industry. Weighing in at only 1.5 ounces this collar trumps as the lightweight smallest collar in the world. The elite bark collar is great for smaller breeds like rat terriors, King Charles spaniels and other smaller breed dogs.

Your probably wondering how the collar works

The elite bark collar senses repetitive barking from vibration and voice pattern recognition. The collar is strictly activates for annoying repeated barking. Once the collar is activated it gives your pet a safe but annoying correction. As your canine continues to bark the collar increases in intensity. This ramping design is an exclusive feature that was designed for smaller breeds, so as not to over stimulate your dog. With ramping technology you can be assured that your dog won’t over react from the correction.

 Dogs learn by association similar to Pavlov’s bell, by a constant repetition your dog will quickly learn that excessive barking is an undesirable type behavior.

Price $129.99
Special Price $84.95

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