Innotek Bark Control

Stop your Dog’s Excessive Barking Easily and Safely with Innotek Dog Collars


The Innotek dog collars represent an important step forward in the advancement of technology and its use for improving the life and comfort of you and your beloved pet. No-bark collars are some of the most useful electronic innovation in this modern age when it comes to dog training.


  • Innotek provides you with some exceptional options that you can look up at their official website. The company has an extremely practical attitude to solving problems like excessive barking. Such problems can greatly hinder not only the behavior and training progress of your dog, but also his health.


    Automatic dog collars are quite possibly the most practical way of dealing with a dog’s excessive barking. If ignored, this issue can often result in serious behavior problems that will create many discomforts both for you and for your canine companion.


    With the Innotek dog collars, you can efficiently and safely eliminate this problem with minimal investment and effort. Safety is particularly important, since many older models of dog collars are reported to generate electric shocks that can cause health problems for pets in the long run. Others are far too sensitive to outer vibrations and sounds and may be triggered even when the dog isn’t barking; this can cause serious distress and the animal will not be able to associate the impulse with barking, so it will be much harder to train it not to bark.


    With the Innotek no-bark collars all these problems are practically a thing of the past. The static correction system simply involves a low power electric impulse that will only be felt as a small tingle by the dog, just enough to stop him from barking. The auto-feature makes the collars extremely easy to use, as the need for external control devices becomes obsolete.


    The best thing about the Innotek dog collars, however, is their ability to blend in with your dog’s particular temperament. This means that the collars are practically able to allow your dog to adjust the correction level himself and to learn to restrain himself from barking at inappropriate moments. There can be up to 7 different stimulation levels that come with most of the no-bark collars. The stimulation increases automatically up to level 7, depending on how often your dog barks. The collars are also considerably lightweight, so your dog will feel very comfortable wearing them.


    Another important fact you must know about the Innotek dog collars is the trust that the company has in these exceptional products. Each of the no-bark collars provided on the official Innotek website has at least one year warranty, which is a great proof of the durability, safety and efficiency of the product.


    Using these excellent collars for your pet is very easy and you will find that your dog will soon learn to stop his habit of excessive barking even when he doesn’t wear the collar. With the Innotek dog collars, your problems will become history, as you and your dog will be able to comfortably get on with your lives without any hindrances.


  1. Innotek BC-200 Rechargeable Dog Bark Control

    Innotek BC-200 Rechargeable Dog Bark Control

    BC-200 Bark Collars Include:

    • Free Professional Training Support

    • Training DVD

    • Operating Manual

    • Water-proof Microsized Bark Collar

    • Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

    • Easy to adjust nylon collar

    • 2 Sets of Long and Short Probes

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Original Price: $99.95

    Only: $79.99

  2. Innotek Anti-Bark Citronella Dog Spray Collar

    Innotek Anti-Bark Citronella Dog Spray Collar


    • Emits a harmless citronella mist

    • Collar fits dogs of all sizes

    • Up to twice as effective as shock collars

    • One-year warranty


    • Adjustable nylon collar

    • Citronella spray

    • 6-volt battery

    • Training manual

    Original Price: $89.95

    Only: $75.99

  3. Innotek BC-50B Replaceable Battery Dog Bark Control

    Innotek BC-50B Replaceable Battery Dog Bark Control


    • 11" - 24" adjustable collar

    • Water-resistant

    • For dogs 20-200 pounds

    • Collar weighs only 2.5 ounces

    • Easily replaceable battery


    • Adjustable nylon collar

    • Lightweight receiver

    • 6-volt alkaline battery

    • Long and medium probes

    • Operating manual

    Original Price: $89.95

    Only: $69.99

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