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Innotek® Products


The Exceptional Benefits of Purchasing Innotek Products for Improving Dog Training

Innotek is one of the few companies in the world that specializes in developing various systems and gadgets to help people enhance their dog’s training and broaden the possibilities of quickly changing any dog’s behavioral patterns for the better, with minimal effort.

  • The company works with 3 main types of products that are designed to considerably increase the speed and quality of your dog’s training. These are: containment fences, bark control collars and training collars. Many experts consider these three types of gadgets to represent key methods not only of providing your dog with better training tools, but also for helping you do so in a fun and effortless way.


    An Overview on Dog Training Tools


    Teaching dogs to perform certain tricks or to behave a certain way can often be a difficult task to achieve, unless you have special tools to help you do so. The products created by Innotek were designed just for this purpose. With the world in a continuing accelerated race towards change, time is a luxury that not many have these days. Nevertheless, people should always have enough time to care for their pets and see to it that they are treated well and given the finest training that money can buy.


    Also, even if you are not particularly interested in training your dog to do special tricks, there can be situations when an imposed change in behavior is necessary. For example, if your dog is not well-behaved or if he barks too much, he can cause harm or discomfort to himself as well as other people or pets around him.


    Companies like Innotek make it their mission to analyze all such problems in a detailed fashion and find the best possible solutions to counteract them. Therefore, they have designed tools such as electric, remotely controlled dog collars or special electronic fences that use safe electric signals to train the dog to stop some of his old behavior patterns or to stay within a certain perimeter established using the smart fence.


    Of course, whenever you buy a dog collar or a similar training tool, the issue of safety always comes into question. Like all loving pet owners, the first question you probably ask yourself is whether these products are in fact safe to use. While some older products from the dawn of the dog training era were quite dangerous (and some of them are even banned today), the dog collars and fences made by Innotek are all of modern design and do not pose any type of threat towards your pet’s health and safety.


    About the Products Themselves


    The products themselves are, as we have mentioned before, categorized into 3 basic types. Many experts consider that the products are not only safe, but also comfortable and efficient, as a great number of dogs have responded positively to them.


    Bark control collars: The extremely easy to use and hassle-free bark collars developed by Innotek are considered to be some of the best such products on the market. The collars work in a simple yet efficient way, actually detecting the bark before it happens because of the resonations in the dog’s vocal cords. Using a mild electric impulse, the collar then stops the bark and the entire process works so well that, after just a few days, the dog will actually get used to barking a lot less than he did before.


    Other bark collars have the disadvantage of being triggered by external stimuli as well and not just the dog’s barking itself. The Innotek bark control collars, however, are specially made to only respond to your dog, thus eliminating many unwanted issues that could otherwise occur.


    Training collars: The training collars are similar to bark control collars, except that they use either sound or small electric shocks to get your pet’s attention, whenever you need to discourage his behavior. They are controlled by an easy to use handheld device with several correction levels and a simple one-button dial that allows for quicker use.


    Some of the Innotek training collars might have additional features as well, but, generally, the focus here is on practicality, as the entire system is designed to be reliable, precise and fast.


    Containment fences: The popular fencing systems that come along with thin, stylish dog collars are perfect for training your dog to remain within a certain area without wondering off. The fences use a simple radio signal that travels through a hidden wire, marking the boundaries that you’d like to set for your pet. This signal is then received by the collar, which generates a warning tone and then a short electric shock to stop the dog from continuing, if he wants to leave the designated area. While safe, this system has also proven to be extremely efficient in keeping dogs at bay, even if they are used to run off on a regular basis.


    Reviews show that the Innotek products are extremely efficient and reliable when it comes to helping trainers with many problems they may have throughout a dog’s training period. Many satisfied customers also praise the precision that the collars entail, as the stimuli induced by them is perfect for restraining the dog without causing any type of safety or health issues.


    Generally, it is safe to say that Innotek have outdone themselves with their professional use of technology for providing safe and useful electronic aids to help pets all over the world become well-behaved and to significantly improve the concept of dog training itself.


    Not many companies have been able to come up with so many positive results in the dog training business, since additional issues always come up. Even if you are able to manufacture a dog collar that is safe and efficient, other problems, such as the comfort of the pet, the reliability of the electronic system or the elevated price, can often discourage people from buying the products. The Innotek dog training tools, however, provide a perfect alternative that will eliminate all these problems, as well as many others, permanently.


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Innotek FasTrak Pretwisted 100 Feet Wire Kit

Innotek FasTrak Pretwisted 100 Feet Wire Kit

Original Price: $32.99

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Innotek BC-200 Rechargeable Dog Bark Control

Innotek BC-200 Rechargeable Dog Bark Control

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Innotek Anti-Bark Citronella Dog Spray Collar

Innotek Anti-Bark Citronella Dog Spray Collar

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Innotek BC-50B Replaceable Battery Dog Bark Control

Innotek BC-50B Replaceable Battery Dog Bark Control

Original Price: $89.95

Only: $69.99


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