Indoor Dog Fences

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An indoor dog fence will keep your dog off furniture out of rooms and off counter tops.

Are you tired of seeing (and cleaning up) your dog’s muddy paw prints from your new couch?  Have you succeeded in fencing yourself and your dog out of certain rooms in your home using baby gates and other contraptions? has the solution for you!   An indoor dog fence is easy to use, practical and a portable solution to your pet problem. Indoor dog barriers are excellent alternatives to baby gates and will save you from hurtling tall barriers while stopping your dog from crossing into restricted rooms, most importantly it will keep dog off of expensive furniture. You can also use indoor dog fences as a car pet barrier, simply place the dog barrier inside the car turn up the range the signal will transmit from the car an activate your pets receiver collar. An indoor pet fence can be used in conjuction with an outdoor electric dog fence, simply train your pet to the outdoor system first, set your indoor pet fences up in the rooms or areas you want to keep your dog out of then train him in the areas inside.

  • Indoor Fence Basics

    The indoor wireless dog fence is simple to set up and easy to train your dog to. All the indoor systems we sell work in conjunction with your dog’s existing outdoor receiver collar. Are you looking for an indoor fence exclusively? No problem. stocks indoor only systems for your convenience. Our indoor systems feature an adjustable signal field range, sleek low profile design, and are neutral in color to coordinate with your home’s décor. whether its the dog chewing furniture or to keep the dog off couch this system will solve your problem. Indoor pet fences can also solve food issues with most pets you can simply add a unit next to your dog or cats food place an avoidance collar on the pet who is taking the other pets food, place an avoidance collar on the pet. The guilty pet will now receive a warning tone if he attempts to take food from the other pets food bowl.

  • How does it work?

    The wireless pet barrier generates a circular signal field that can be adjusted to anywhere between a 2 – 10 foot radius from the unit. In simple terms, the field is shaped like a sphere. In our case, the indoor fence unit would be the hole or center of the doughnut. You determine how close you would want your dog to get to the hole or the unit.

    For example, to keep your dogs out of the bedrooms in your home, each room has its own indoor unit. Place them near the door to the room, set the range and dog problem is solved!  If you are familiar with the outdoor electric dog fences, you know that your dog receives an audible warning tone followed by a mild correction. The indoor pet barrier follows the same protocol.


  • Training & Support

  • All indoor dog fence systems arrive on your doorstep with step by step set up and training instructions. As with any purchase you make from, you have access to our vast knowledge base and our friendly experienced technicians. Often time's pet barriers are referred to as indoor invisible fence systems, this terminology denotes a particular brand name.

PetSafe  Indoor Wireless Cat Fence | IRF-300CAT

PetSafe Indoor Wireless Cat Fence | IRF-300CAT


Original Price: $169.99

Only: $137.95

PetSafe Indoor Dog Fence with Stubborn Dog Collar | IRF-300S

PetSafe Indoor Dog Fence with Stubborn Dog Collar | IRF-300S


Original Price: $139.99

Only: $109.95

PetSafe Indoor Dog Fence with Deluxe UltraLight Dog Collar | IRF-300D

PetSafe Indoor Dog Fence with Deluxe UltraLight Dog Collar | IRF-300D


Original Price: $169.99

Only: $129.95

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