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An electric dog fence system is an innovative way to solve the age old problem of the dog that will not stay in his own yard. Are you tired of chasing your dog down the street every time you open the front door? Do you have the dog on a tie out or run who digs holes in your yard because he is bored? Do you have a physical fence that your dog climbs over or digs out of? Do you have flower gardens that you would like to keep your dog out of?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, an electric dog fence is the answer! Our electric fences for dogs offer state of the art features guaranteed to keep your favorite escape artist in his yard. Don’t fence yourself, fence your pet and save yourself a significant sum of money versus professional installers such as Invisible Fence, DogWatch or PetStop. Do it yourself pet fences are easy to install when you purchase from electricdogfence.com.


    How does it work?
    An electric fence for dogs consists of three components: wire buried around the perimeter of your yard, a transmitter box (which controls how close your dog can get to the buried wire), and a collar for each dog you wish to contain. The perimeter wire must make a continuous loop or circuit. Unlike a physical fence, your electric dog fence cannot start and stop in random places. There are many ways to layout an electric dog fence. We recommend that you plan your layout prior to beginning the burial of the perimeter wire. Please consult our installation guide for layout suggestions and detailed instructions.

    You control how close to the perimeter wire you would like your dog to go. Typically, your dog will stop about three feet from the buried wire. Your dog will hear an audible warning tone (designed to alert him that he is getting close to his boundary) before his collar would give him a static correction. The static correction is designed to alert your dog that he is at the end of his boundary. It will not hurt your dog in any way. The correction is designed to alert your dog, not hurt him. Please note, the level of correction is adjustable on most systems we sell.


    Are you putting more than one dog on an electric dog fence? No problem. You can have as many dogs, cats or a mixture of both as you would like. The only factor that is the same for all animals is how close they can get to the boundary wire. Each dog or cat’s correction level is determined by his own receiver collar.


    We recommend using training flags to help your dog understand his new boundaries. The training flags are very important in places where there are few visual cues, such as a driveway, sidewalk, or an open grass area. The training flags are not permanent. Your dog will learn his new boundaries in about two weeks. Once your dog is familiar with his boundaries, you will remove the training flags in stages. You will work with your dog during the training period. Our training protocol was developed by dog training experts. It is easy to follow yet highly effective.


    Does the thought of burying wire sound like too much work? Electricdogfence.com also offers several wireless dog fence systems. These dog fences are simple to set up and are portable. They are perfect for daily use or for a traveling dog. Be sure to check out the PetSafe Instant Fence as well as the new PetSafe Stay and Play system. Both of these systems offer many of the same features as the traditional in ground pet fences, without the hassle of burying wire. You can also buy Electric dog fence compatible equipment on amazon. Find dog fence reviews on this site. 


    Should I install an electric dog fence myself?


    Most consumers will consider installing an electric fence for dogs themselves after they get a quote from a professional installer such as Invisible Fence, DogWatch, or PetStop. A professionally installed system can cost over $1000 for one dog! Also, many systems rely on special proprietary batteries that you can only get from the installer who sold you the system. The relationship you build with your professional installer can add up to big dollars over the years.


    If you decide to install an electric pet fence for your dog, your out of pocket expense is at least cut in half! That is a huge savings! At electricdogfence.com, we are a factory authorized PetSafe, Innotek and SportDog retailer. We stock the best do it yourself dog fence systems on the market. Electricdogfence.com also sells a full line of professional grade installation materials including heavy duty wire, splices and training flags. You can get a professional quality electric dog fence at a do it yourself price!


    Will an electric pet fence hurt my dog?


    It will not. Electric fences for dogs have come a long way since they were invented by Invisible Fence back in the early 1970’s. Today’s dog fences feature micro-sized receivers (designed specifically for toy breeds and other small dogs) disposition based receiver programs for stubborn or hard to train dogs and a more humane approach to training your dog to his electric fence system.
    We have seen many improvements in the electric pet fence industry since we installed our first dog fence in the spring of 1990.


    Which electric pet fence system is right for my dog?


    Electricdogfence.com sells many different electric fences for dogs and cats. Do you have a small or toy breed dog? We would recommend the PetSafe little dog in ground fence. Is your dog a larger breed or stubborn? Our recommendation would be the PetSafe Stubborn dog in ground fence. Would you like your dog fence to come with an integrated hand held remote trainer? The Innotek Ultra-Smart Contain and Train dog fence is the perfect choice. Do you have a cat? The PetSafe deluxe underground cat fence will keep your cat safe at home.


    In addition to our electric dog fences, electricdogfence.com also offers dog training collars to help your dog learn how to best behave. These training collars work on the same principle as the electric dog fence. The hand held remote controls the audible warning as well as the static correction and its strength. We have training collars for the smallest dogs and specialized training collars for hunting and working dogs.
    For in depth information about these highlighted systems and many more choices, please consult our detailed product descriptions and product reviews. We provide you with the most up to date product information we can find. Electricdogfence.com is also happy to answer questions via phone at 1-800-396-5517 or email. Contact us
    Why buy from Electricdogfence.com?


    Electricdogfence.com is not your average website! It is run by pet lovers for pet lovers. Electricdogfence.com is a factory authorized internet retailer of PetSafe, Innotek, and SportDOG brand pet containment systems. You will not find anything other than electric dog fences and related products on our website. Too many internet companies sell too many types of products. How can they provide you with answers on thousands of products? They can’t. Our friendly customer service representatives have over 20 years of industry experience. They have worked hands on with virtually every electric dog fence system on the market. When you call with questions, you are getting honest and professional answers straight from professional installers.


    Our customer service representatives have trained hundreds of breeds of dogs. From the tiny Toy Poodle to the large Great Dane, they have worked with just about every dog breed there is, cats too! Our representatives have also performed thousands of professional installations, hands on. Let their experience be your guide as you install an electric fence for your dog. We are thrilled to offer professional grade service at a do it yourself price.


    Electricdogfence.com also offers a best price guarantee. If you would like to purchase your pet fence from us, but see it at a lower price at another site, let us know right away. Once we verify the price you will receive the lower price along with a free gift! We offer free shipping (USA only) on orders over $200.
    International buyers welcome! Electricdogfence.com also ships worldwide. Your pet fence will ship via USPS or UPS. For your peace of mind, we will provide you with detailed tracking information. Our do it yourself pet fence systems are keeping pets at home across the globe!


    Training & Support

    All electric dog fence systems arrive on your doorstep with step by step set up and training instructions. With the proper tools, a typical electric dog fence installation can be completed in less than a day. Your pet will learn his new boundaries in approximately two weeks. As with any purchase you make from electricdogfence.com, you have access to our vast knowledge base and our friendly experienced customer service representatives. Our goal is that your pet is safely contained in an electric dog fence from us, and you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.


    If you need assistance please call 1-800-396-5517 or contact us via email.

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