Electric Fence For Dogs

Electric Fence for Dogs


If you have an active dog that often runs off whenever you open your main gate or climbs the wall of your fence and runs away whenever he gets a chance, you may have to think about purchasing an electric fence for dogs.


Electric fences represent a modern, innovative way of dealing with some of the oldest issues related to dog safety. Even those pet owners who are not too concerned with the fact that their dogs may run away at some point should recognize the dangers involved with letting their animal friends stray too far from home. There have been so many cases with dogs getting lost and not being able to find their way back, or even getting run over by cars, that the importance of finding new ways to keep your dog closer to home should be clear.


  • The Basics of Electric Fences


    An electric fence for dogs is basically a barrier that uses mild electric shocks to keep the dog from exiting an established area. There is no cause for alarm, of course, since the shocks are very safe, and training your dog to obey them will not prove to be difficult.


    As you have probably heard, there are many misconceptions about what such devices actually are. Some people tend to believe that they are like some of those high voltage electric fences designed to keep trespassers away. However, this is not the case at all.


    An electric fence for dogs is not actually physical in itself. What happens is that your dog will be fitted with a collar that receives certain signals if it gets too close to the boundary established by a wire that runs through the ground. If the dog gets too close to the wire, he receives a small electric shock. The voltage ranges are safe and are intended to just discourage the animal from leaving the perimeter.


    The companies that provide such fences will often also assign trained professionals to work with your dog, training him to respond appropriately to the electric signals, so that they may help you avoid any type of discomfort and assist your beloved pet in getting used to the new way of dealing with boundaries.


    Main Advantages


    There are some important benefits in owning an electric fence for dogs. First of all, the issue of safety is practically solved. Dogs always tend to find their way around regular fences somehow, either climbing over them, digging their way beneath them or simply waiting until their masters open the gate and rushing out through it. An electric fence solves all these potential problems, since there is no clever way of getting around them, and once your dog is trained to respond to the electric shocks properly, he will rarely even get close to the boundary, much less cross it.


    Another reason why you might consider getting an electric fence for dogs is the fact that these fences can be adapted to fit any perimeter. Now, you may want to keep your dog out of certain parts of your yard, for example if you have a flower garden. This can prove difficult since you can’t really build a maze of fences to keep the animal practically imprisoned.


    The advantage of these electric fences however is that you can establish practically any type of perimeter and you can even change it from time to time, depending on your needs. You can therefore organize your garden without a problem, while your animal friend does not stray from the sector of the yard you have prepared for him.


    An electric fence for dogs also has the benefit of allowing you to work on the aesthetic look of your grounds. Since you don’t need to have a physical fence for your dog, you will likely have many more options in decorating your garden and arranging everything in such a way that the entire place will have an overall pleasant appearance.




    Many people believe that the long term exposure to the shocks received from an electric fence for dogs could potentially harm the animal. The truth is, however, that manufacturers have made many progresses since the first electric dog fences were developed in the early 1970’s. Today’s fences are much more humane and are built using advanced technologies that involve micro-sized receivers specially designed to work together with training programs that will ensure the health and safety of your pet.


    There have been many excellent improvements in the past 20 years regarding the safety measures taken for making every regular electric fence for dogs as reliable and practical as possible. Also, the training programs are designed to promote a good level of interaction between pets and their owners, so you will never really be required to call a specialist in order to deal with any difficulties that you and your dog may encounter in the future.


    What People Say about Them


    People are very pleased with most of the electric fences available on the market. The prices are quite affordable and there are many benefits to owning one of these devices, so websites are never short on positive electric fence reviews.


    Many pet owners claim that, before they bought their first electric fence for dogs, their dogs were very troublesome and kept wandering out into the road or running off for long periods of time. After less than two weeks of training, however, they never had to worry about letting their pets out of the house at all.


    When it comes to the technical part of installing these fences, many people are also quite pleased, because the entire process is quite simple and requires no more than following a few easy steps. The most time consuming part is perhaps setting up the perimeter by burying the wire. While this may require some physical work, the good news is that you will only have to do it once.


    All things taken into consideration, buying an electric fence for dogs is perhaps the best decision you can make for the safety of your pet and for your own comfort as well.


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PetSafe PIG00-10773 Little Dog In-Ground Fence with Collar


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