Dog Shock Collar

Dogs shock collar solve problems with difficult dogs and help good dogs become better

If you are having a difficult time training a dog on your own, dog shock collar can provide a humane solution for remote warning and correction. Here at, you can find a wide selection of remote training systems, ranging from smaller units for miniature and toy dogs to specialized training collar models for sport and hunting.

A well-behaved, well-trained dog is an excellent companion. The ability to follow basic commands such as sit, stay, and heel can make a huge difference in your dog’s discipline and well-being. Traditionally, dog training requires a number of tools, which can include leashes, chain collars, toys and treats. Although these work, their effectiveness is often limited to how long you can keep the dog's full attention.

Many dog owners find it difficult to control their pets once the leash has been removed. In such cases, dog training collars are an effective and humane alternative to conventional leash training methods. Training collars can also be used to control bad habits such as jumping, barking, biting, rough play, and digging. A dog shock collar can also help train dogs to avoid certain areas in or outside of your home.

Electric dog shock collar allow you to manage your dog from a distance and get his attention in order to modify undesirable behavior. electric dog training collar systems utilize small handheld remote controls that operate the dog's computer collar through a radio signal . A press of a button delivers a warning tone or a mild, harmless electrical pulse. The level of stimulation is set by the operator. This warns your dog of bad behavior, and allows you to get his attention for corrective training.

Dog shock collar range in size and strength to train small dogs or train larger sporting dogs for hunting. All models offer varying stimulation modes and levels, ranging from low to high. Depending on your needs, there are also different dog shock collar based on distance, providing you more options when training your dog indoors and outdoors. Choosing the right kind of electric training collar for your dog’s size, breed, and needs is essential to successful off-leash training. Here at, , we provide you with dog shock collar and accessories from a variety of brands and industry leaders such as Innotek™, PetSafe™ and SportDOG®. Are you unsure of which training collar suits your needs and your dog’s temperament the best? Feel free to get in touch with one of our professional technicians. We have more than 20 years of experience in pet training products and electric dog fence systems. You can trust our experts to help you choose the right remote training system for your dog . Or read our extensive remote trainer reviews and buy online.


  1. SportDOG SD-105 Yard Remote Shock Trainer Training Dog Collar

    SportDOG SD-105 Yard Remote Shock Trainer Training Dog Collar

    • Small and lightweight

    • 100-yard range

    • 8 levels of correction plus a tone-only mode

    • Low battery indicator

    • Waterproof receiver and weather-resistant transmitter

    • 2 Year Warranty

    Original Price: $199.95

    Only: $189.95

  2. SportDog SD-400 Field Remote Shock Trainer Training Dog Collar

    SportDog SD-400 Field Remote Shock Trainer Training Dog Collar

    • For dogs over 30 pounds

    • 1/4-mile range

    • DryTek™ waterproof design


    Original Price: $229.95

    Only: $199.95

  3. SportDOG Sport Hunter 1225 Dog Training Collar

    SportDOG Sport Hunter 1225 Dog Training Collar

    • 16 stimulus levels

    • DryTek waterproof technology

    • For dogs over 10 lbs


    Price: $329.95

  4. SportDog SD-1825CAMO Wetland Hunter Remote Dog Shock Collar

    SportDog SD-1825CAMO Wetland Hunter Remote Dog Shock Collar

    • 1-mile range

    • DryTek™ waterproof design

    • 40-60 hour battery life


    Price: $299.95

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