A Look At Opinions Over The Pros And Cons Of An Electric Dog Fence

There is a lot of talk these days about the best way to contain your dog so if you have a dog yourself, then you will certainly want to look closely at the options out there for you. Once option is an electric dog fence and, of course, there are conflicting opinions over whether or not this is a good idea. What we want to do here is take a look at those opinions so that you can come to your own conclusions about whether or not this it the right type of fencing for your needs. Once you have the information, you will be much better equipped to decide if an electric dog fence is the best fit for your dog, your home and your family. Let's start learning more right now.


Some People Think an Electric Dog Fence is Designed to Painfully Shock Dogs


It might sound extreme, but this is exactly what a lot of people think these fences will do to a dog. They may have gotten ideas like this from movies or television shows, but no company would really be able to stay in business if they made an electric dog fence that cruelly shocked dogs and hurt them. This is not at all what the concept is about because we all know that pain is no way to help a dog learn. After all, how well would you learn if someone were shocking you in a painful way? If you try out the collar of an electric dog fence made today, you will see that they are not about hurting the dog. Instead, they are offering a physical reminder after an audio reminder has been issued. This way the dog can cement in his or her mind where the unique boundaries of your property are.


Not Everyone Believes Having to Do Training Themselves Will Be Fun


Some people are of the opinion that they are not capable of training their dog. These folks often also believe that a dog, perhaps, should not need to be trained and will naturally behave if he or she is treated well. This is far from the case as any veterinarian or dog trainer can tell you, but some people simply will not be convinced. For those that are not willing to spend a couple weeks showing their dog the way an electric dog fence works for three 10 minute sessions per day, this will not be a great containment system. You do have to put in the work teaching your dog how the system works. It is part of bonding and gaining your dog's trust. With an electric dog fence what you have is a tool and a very good tool at that, but like any other tool, it is all in how you use it. If you read the guidelines which come with your fence then your dog will be easily trained and all should go as planned. This is why so many people today swear by these fences and the way they have made both their and their dogs' lives easier.


Some People Think Installing an Electric Fence for Dogs Will Be Difficult


There are those who are scared to try doing a "handyman" level activity and they think that putting in this kind of fence would be very tough for them to do. The truth is, an electric dog fence is very easy to install and might take you one weekend if you did five hours of work each day for the average yard. That is all it takes for a lifetime of service from the fence and if you think about it, that is not bad at all. You do not have to have carpentry skills or anything special to do this. It is simply something that worries certain people and while they have a right to their opinion, it is very simple to handle on your own if you want to.


What About a Wireless Electric Dog Fence? Is It a Better or Worse Choice?


Well, opinions are going to vary here in a big way. Some people would prefer to have an option that they believe is going to be easier than the traditional electric dog fence. They think that if they go the wireless route, it will be simpler because they will not have to bury the boundary wire, but that process is not all that difficult to start with. The thing is, the electric dog fence wireless route is going to wind up being less precise - that is simply the nature of the wireless approach. While it may work for some people, there is a lot higher rate of failure and you do not want your dog to fail at learning how his or her fence works. This is why most people will go with the traditional type of electric fence for their dog these days.


A Lot of People Like That This Type of Fencing Will Cost Less


This is a huge point for a lot of folks and the fact that you can save money with an electric dog fence is a very good point. If you choose the DIY route then it is even cheaper which is really excellent, too. You will find that this is the kind of benefit that you will get a lot of good from and it is something nearly everyone agrees is a strong point. Why spend thousands on a traditional fence when the electric fence for your dog is going to be better and cost a fraction of that?


You Can Check Out Electric Dog Fence Reviews to Help You Decide


If you are still on the fence about it, pardon the pun, then it could be time to check out some reviews. This is a great way to find out what others think and educate yourself a little further. This could be the perfect solution, but you will never know until you give it a shot and see how well it works.