Wow!  What a difference a fence makes!  An electric dog fence, that is.


                                                                                                   Let me start at the beginning.   My 6-month old German Shorthair Pointer, Heidi, decided she did not want to stay within the heidiperimeter of our original fence.  After doing some research, I decided to call to discuss my dilemma.  After speaking with a representative on the telephone, I decided to further investigate this idea by installing not only a fence you cannot see, but one that would also keep my puppy safe and sound.  I just could not believe something could work for us.  After installing my new electric dog fence, I was still hesitant, but after one week of training, I had no doubt in my mind that the electric dog fence was working. 

It has been 3 months since we installed our fence and I am happy to say, IT WORKS GREAT!  I know longer have to worry about Heidi trying to escape out front with me while I am mowing the lawn, knowing she will not be chasing a child or another animal down the street.  It is very comforting to see her just sit there and watch as a child rides by our house on a bicycle.  


Thank you for introducing us to a wonderful product.  I recommend these products to any animal lover.


Bev G

Our Lives Changed!

It has been exactly six months to the day that our lives changed dramatically.  Our Dogs, Mister and Poker Run, used to think that an open door was an invitation to roam the neighborhood.  Considering that their 'grandparents', my parents, live around the corner, anytime they could get our an open door off they wenet to 'visit'.  Unfortunately they scared adults and children alike on thier way since they weigh 40 and 70 pounds respectively.


We wanted to be able to have our dogs outside with us as we spend a lot of time in the front yard enjoying the fresh air, working in the yard or garage, washing cars, etc.  Thet always had to sit at the front door and watch form inside whining and barking or be tied out on a chain which frightened both of them.


Since we installed our electric dog fence our lives have improved.  The dogs now can be with us all the time, inside and out without worries.  They can run and play and watch the neighborhood acrivities safely in our yard.   Our friends and neighbors can't believe how successful this endeavor has been and how much happier the dogs and we are. 




Steve A.


A healthy dog is a happy dog.

I have been training dogs for the past ten years.   In that time, I have discovered a product that gives pet owners a safe and humane way of allowing their dogs and cats the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors:  Electric dog fences.


Over the years, electric dog fences have proven to be an incredible solution for me and for many of my clients.  It addresses on of the most common and difficult problems of pet ownership: safe outdoor exercise for dogs and cats.  We know that exercise is the key component in maintaining a happy, well-behaved dog and cat.  It prevents pets from becoming lethargic or overweight.  Electric dog fence owners can safely allow their dogs and cats the off-leash aerobic exercise their pets need to stay healthly and fit.


With the electric dog fence systems, you avoid the chance of a mishap or a runaway situation because the pet is trained to stay on the property without the need of frustrating and limiting dog runs or leashes.

What makes the systems unique and so effective in keeping pets safe are the crucial elements equipment quality and professional support provided by the personnel.  They recognize every animal is different, so they will recommended the system for the needs of the pet and the property.


Safety and health:  Two excellent reasons why I depend on and recommend


Marc S.


Better late than never!


Your products are wonderful!   We love our electric dog fence for our golden retriever.   She was so rambunctious before we installed it we could not play with and enjoy her by letting her run and play fetch because she would always take off for nearby lakes, not returning until she was filthy and exhausted.


Now we have Cindy under control (in a humane manner)  where she is able to play with our family, guard our home and get the exercise she needs so desperately whenever she desires.

We are happy we did not decide to go with quote-unquote "professional" fence system, which we were quoted $1400 and would have to buy batteries costing around $100 per year.  The video, literature and assistance from provided us everything we needed to contain Cindy.   We wish we had known about electric dog fences sooner.   Now Cindy is making up for lost time through running , playing and enjoying her life now much more than she ever has.   We highly recommend for anyone that has made the decision to use a pet containment system.


RIck S.