In recent years, we have started to pay more attention to what we eat.  Superfoods, pro-biotics, organic, and clean eating are trends we are all paying attention to.  Studies have shown that eating good for you whole foods like vegetables and lean proteins can add years to your life.  Did you know that this trend is hot in pet foods too?

The phrase you are what you eat, applies to you as well as your pet.  You may not think about what you feed your dog, but you should.  Many of the cheaper dry dog foods are loaded with grains, fillers, and even saw dust!  These cheap fillers are a nutrition hazard to your dog.  Over time, the fillers build up in your dog’s body and can cause kidney stones, digestive issues and dental problems.  You may think you are saving money by purchasing cheap food, but the medical bills later on wipe out that savings. 

What should you feed your dog?  The answer is pretty simple.  Look at the nutrition label and the ingredient list on the back of the food.  If you see wheat bran, wheat flour or other starches as the first ingredients, it would be best to avoid that food.  Look for meat and other proteins as the top ingredients.   Protein gives your dog the energy he needs to lead a happy and healthy life.

What about treats?  It would be best to avoid most prepackaged treats.  They are the equivalent of a candy bar for your dog.  The best treats would be bits of lunchmeat, hot dog or other natural proteins.  A cheap and fun treat for your dog is available at your grocery store.  Purchase a few beef bones, boil them in water and fill with peanut butter.  Your dog will enjoy chewing them and the peanut butter is a healthy treat.

A healthy diet will add years to your dog’s life and to yours!