A funny thing happened to me a few weeks ago.  I was home alone and the house was quiet.  Out of nowhere I heard my neighbors laughing and my Labradoodle Reagan barking.  I was curious and decided to go and see what the excitement was.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Reagan had dug up a small shrub from my flowerbed and was tossing it, barking and jumping around the yard!  I guess the collection of toys and my boisterous Jack Russell Terrier were not enough to keep him entertained.

What to do?  At first, we decided to do nothing.  We chalked it up to Reagan’s seemingly endless puppyhood and moved on.  That all changed a few days later after the sprinkler repair man came to our house.  He came to the door, holding what was left of three sprinkler heads (covered in teeth marks).  $300 later, my husband and I decided something needed to be done.

We decided it was time to keep the dogs out of our flowerbeds.  Our dogs are already trained on an electric dog fence.  They both did extremely well with the training and have never once tested the boundaries.  It was time to go to the drawing board.

My husband decided to make small garden loops using the electric dog fence, around each of our flowerbeds.  The flowerbed loops used the same principle as our perimeter electric fence on a much smaller scale.  Instead of burying the wire with a machine, he laid it by hand and attached it to our landscape cloth using sod staples.

The process was long (we have 8 large flowerbeds), but certainly worth it.  We put up the white training flags and did a few lessons with the dogs.  As soon as they saw the flags, they knew exactly what had happened to their playground.  Our flowerbeds are now safe from Reagan’s digging paws!