Uh-oh, your dog has just relieved himself on your carpet.  Do you have the correct supplies on hand for a thorough clean up?  You will have them on hand after you read this!

Basic Supplies

It is a good idea to have some basic pet clean up products on hand.  I recommend the following:  paper towels, a lint roller, puppy pads (hint you can buy these in the adult personal care products section of your local drug store for cheap), disinfecting wipes, white vinegar, Dawn (or other dish detergent), a scrub brush, paper towels, and white absorbent towels or rags.  It is a good idea to take the time and group these items together and store them in a bucket.  Trust me, when you need your clean up kit, you will be glad it is all in one place!

Clean Up

As a mom of a preschooler, a six month old baby and two crazy dogs (a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier and a 2 year old Labradoodle) I have seen more stains and messes than I care to count.  The creator of the mess and the mess itself (both in size and intensity) can vary.  One factor that always is the same is that I am the one to clean it up! 

Urine Stains

My number one rule of cleaning up is: blot a stain, don’t rub it in!  Blotting allows you to absorb as much of the stain as possible before it soaks through.  When you rub before you blot, you are scrubbing the stain into your carpet or upholstery! 

Remember the white absorbent towels from your clean up kit?  This is their time to shine.  I suggest white towels because you don’t want a colored towel to bleed onto a lighter surface.  Use your towel to blot as much of the stain (pet urine) as possible.  Once you complete this step, apply white vinegar and let the stain air dry.  Your stain should be gone!

Important tip:  Pet urine has an ammonia scent to it.  Do not use ammonia based products to clean up urine!  It will encourage your pet to soil the same area again! 

Vomit Clean Up

We have all had the experience of cleaning up vomit.  It is not pleasant!  The first step is to gather and dispose of as much of the mess as possible.  Use paper towels and scoop (not rub) as you are picking up.  Blot the area as well as you can with paper towels. 

Grab you bucket and fill with warm water and add dish soap to it (Dawn for example).  Scrub the area using a brush or an old towel.  Continue to scrub until the area is clean.  Allow to dry.  You may need to repeat this process more than once to ensure the stain is removed.

One Last Thought

The best cleaning solutions are easy to find and don’t contain a large amount of chemicals.  Everything I have suggested in this article is available at the local grocery store or in your own pantry.  You can clean up effectively without cleaning out your wallet!