Heartworm Treatment in Short Supply


Did you know that Immiticide, the only treatment for dogs with heartworm is in very short supply?  Merial (the manufacturer of this drug) has run into “technical difficulties” with production of this drug.  The estimate is that it will be two to three months before this drug is back to normal supply levels. 

Most veterinary clinics are in very short supply or even out of stock at this time.  What is a dog owner to do?  Certainly prevention of heartworm is the key in this scenario.  There are some simple things a dog owner can do to prevent heartworm. 

First, use an oral heartworm preventative.  There are many choices on the market.  The most common preventatives are Heartgard, Triheart, and Interceptor.  All of these preventatives are available from your veterinarian. 

Second, make your home and yard less hospitable to breeding mosquitoes.  Dump all standing water from pots, birdbaths and kids swimming pools.  If you have a pool, keep it in a screen enclosure or at least cover it at night.

Be sure to give your dog his heartworm preventative all year round.  The symptoms of heartworm infestation are difficult to recognize.  Your veterinarian should do a blood test for heartworm at your dog’s yearly well visit.